Amplifiers, models and features

Classic Modern and  Cult 45.

Classic Modern $1,800 .00

The Classic Modern is the continuation of the very first amp I built, The V.M. 50. V.M. standing for Vintage Modern was several months before marshall did their KT66 base Vintage Modern. Regardless, I changed the name. 100 watts, 2 channels with boost features.  It's the most aggressive amp I build. Think of it as a Marshall Boogie blend. Comes with 6L6 but substitutions are available.  Line out and effects loop available for slight upcharge.

Atomica $1,800.00

Also known as AKA 100. This is the 100 watt, plexi like high gainer based on the infamous Jose Arrendondo circuit. It has a dedicated clean channel, a crunch channel based on that theme and a lead boost feature adding another tube gain stage. The crunch channel actually has enough gain at 3 stages, but should you need more or just a solo boost, the lead boost is there for you.  The clipper circuit made famous by Jose is on a push pull pot so you can defeat it for a purer tone.

6V6 Convertible $1,400.00

Tweed Deluxe type action with real reverb and boost features. 

Classic Squared $1,600.00

You design this amp. The Classic Squared is a 2 channel amp with 2 independent preamps that you choose.  Email me for details and deposit procedures. 

Plexi Wreck $1,500.00

I had 2 sets of Ken Fischer spec transformers, power and output, so I built what I though an amp would sound like if he and Jim Marshall  ( or Ken Braun ) were to design and build an amp together.  At only 30 watts or so,  and using the post phase master volume, you can get the squished Van Halen type tones at a much more manageable level.  If you choose not to use the master, you get tones like Kens Express. 

Average build time is 30 days on all amps. Some models might be in stock as a demo or used amp. Please inquire. 

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