Surreal LC 100


  • The L.C. (Lead Channel) Series is a simple, stripped down, rock amp.
  • It is merely the lead channel of the AKA series amplifier.
  • 5 12ax7's and 4 EL 34's
  • Gain (push-pull bright and gain boost)
  • Master (push-pull clip circuit)
  • Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, and Resonance Knobs
  • Back Panel
  • Line out with level control for dry/wet setups, etc.
  • Gain Sensitivity control
  • 3-way toggle for stock and two voicing mods: brighter or bigger.
  • Not many bells and whistles, just Rock! $1400 shipped to lower 48 for a limited time. $500 deposit secures this price. 4 to 6 weeks tops.

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