Surreal Cult 45

Cult 45

The Cult 45 features a KT66 power section and 3 12AX7s, and can be ordered in several different wattages and gain variations. It features two volume controls (one normal and one bright), just like the original JTM 45s. It comes standard with a passive effects loop, and can be built with an optional metro loop.

Cult 45+

The Cult 45+ comes with a master volume and a gain control instead of the traditional 2 volume control setup, which also means one extra gain stage. The gain control is a push/pull pot, adding a boost in gain and treble response. The Master Volume is also a push/pull, engaging the legendary AARCO Electronics Jose Arrendondo clipper circuit. The great thing about having it on the push/pull is that it is easily defeatable for a more classic, purer tone.
The Cult 45+ with Watery Blue Eye mods is used by Wes Lemon of O.C. Metal Shop and Motorcult. Check him out!

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