Surreal Classic Modern 100

starts at $2000.00

As my original model (CM 50) Classic Modern 50 evolved and started getting some attention and a couple were sold, I started a few 100 watt chassis. The 100 watter started off exactly like my original model, but as I tried new things, I realized I could get more versatility overall by using the plate driven tone stack approach. The original 50's being cathode driven 3 gain stage primarily with one extra gain stage for the lead boost. The 100 watters follow a different power section scheme as well. Years of experiments have finally paid off with a power amp that has the perfect blend of both worlds; sag and aggressiveness. The new circuit has more gain and a slightly different, more open feel. As the counterpart to the AKA 100, The Classic Modern is the one that leans towards Modern.

In a nut shell, the Classic Modern 100 is a big, aggressive sounding amp but still very musical. Aggressive, classic tone that does not completely jump over into that industrial soundscape, similar to a recto. The tone is classic rock but tons more gain. All the clarity is there and then some. The term "glassy" becomes perfectly understood when you crank this amp up. This is a very addictive, very fluid and articulate lead guitar tone. I include a killer clean channel that stands on its own. The controls for the clean are on the back. It's a classic rock preamp that distorts just like your favorite non master volume amp. Plexi spec 1959.

The crunch channel starts out with a minimum preamp gain that's already into ACDC territory. There are several gain and voicing mods on the front and back of the amp to customize it to your needs. The standard controls are there along with a control I've labeled "Slope". This lets you control the resistor value going into the tone network. The effect is a thickening or thinning sound. It's a great feature to have right there in a pinch. With the gain at 1 o'clock the Classic Modern easily enters the realm of Sykes and Aldrich.

The Lead Master Volume. This solo boost feature can also be tied into a gain boost or it can be a straight volume boost like a Boogie Solo feature. The usual options are available. Line Outs, PPIMV, effects loops etc. can be added.

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