Surreal AKA 100

(also known as Atomica 100 and Hybrid 100)
starts at $2000.00

The modified, higher gain version of the Hybrid 100 combines the vintage vibe of a Plexi era amp and the gain structure of today's modern amps. The crunch channel of the AKA 100 is a tribute to the late great amp modder, Jose Arrendondo. His mods were so much more than just the tone of the times. Modern day amp builders continue to credit Jose to this day and weave some of his ideas into newer designs that combine the best of the old and new.

Both Crunch and Lead channels have push pull pots on the masters for added fluidity and gain. Both masters have assignable clipper circuits that when disabled are completely out of the circuit.

In addition to this huge sounding very versatile crunch channel, the AKA 100 has an additional, foot switchable lead gain stage with its own master volume. The lead channel takes it to another level. Ultimate sustain and versatility. There is an additional mod switch on the back to fine tune your amp to your style of playing. It's a three position tied into the cathode of the lead channel allowing you to choose 2 different bypass capacitors or no bypass cap in the middle position.

The clean channel is very unique. Imagine a slightly hotter AC30 Top Boost preamp feeding the power section of a 100 watt marshall and you'll get the idea. Touch sensitivity is an understatement in this channel. Hit it soft and it stays clean. Hit it hard and it crunches with the best. Keep in mind, standard practice for Surreal Amplification; if you want a plexi preamp instead as your clean channel, no problem. Black Face preamp, no problem. I can customize it to fit your needs. Make it one of kind.

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